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Startup Tip: What problem are you trying to solve?

What problem are you trying to solve with your startup venture?

I think this is one of the fundamental questions we should ask when venturing out to start something, but a lot of times this is approached backwards. We start to build something because we “assume” it’s a cool idea or because we want to build it, but we don’t invest time up front in figuring out if it’s truly a problem for someone and are the willing to pay for it.

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Startup Tip: A Great Tool to Capture Your Startup Business Model

What’s your business model?

Either you’ve been asked that question as an entrepreneur or get prepared because that question is coming your way. How do you answer that question? What tools of frameworks do you use to help you formulate your thoughts into an actionable plan you can coherently share with another person?

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Startup Tip: Why startups fail

Ever seen, heard or been part of a startup that failed? I’m not just talking about a new startup business, but also including in this question the products we’ve worked on within our established companies where there was a level of uncertainty associated with them.

Most of us would answer “yes” to the question above. We lived through the early 2000’s when web products were spinning up everywhere just to see them fizzle out over time. Then there are all those other startups we never hear of. Whether directly or indirectly, we’ve all seen or heard of failed startup. But why do startups fail?

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Startup Tip: How to approach starting something

A few months ago I engaged in a startup venture and left my job in the corporate world. I’d been thinking about doing this for months and incrementally moving closer and closer to taking the leap, but now was the right time and the right opportunity. Needless to say, it’s been a tremendous learning experience for me and a lot of fun!

Most of my professional experience was in the corporate world, although I was exposed to a lot of opportunities around new products and new markets. So, stepping into building a company from the ground up has been a tremendous learning opportunity for me. I thought my blog would be a great place for me to capture what I’m learning about starting a technology business and maybe he can help one of you take that leap also.

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