What The Navy Seals Teach Us About Our Need For Connection

Like most guys, I’m fascinated by the Navy Seals. I loved reading No Easy Day about the account of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden and love reading/hearing about other stories related to the Navy Seals. They are a rare breed among men and a to be admired.

While listening to an interview with Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, she mentioned a fascinating protocol Navy Seals use once they land on their feet after being deployed on a mission. The fascinating thing about this is the relevancy it has for all of us and our need for connection.

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I Don’t Have Enough _______! What’s Yours?

Have you ever said the following: “I don’t have enough __________”. We fill in the blank with many things with the answer often changing hour to hour.

This type of thinking is called “scarcity thinking”. Scarcity thinking is characterized by focusing on what’s not going to work, what you don’t have and all the reasons why we can’t do something we are trying to do. This type of thinking has a “can’t do” attitude that throws up obstacles when ideas are presented. This type of thinking can be very toxic.

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Vulnerability: A Leader’s Hidden Power Keg

What comes to your mind when you read the word “Vulnerability”?

Do you think of weakness? Honestly? Being exposed? Shame? Fear? etc.

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about and reading about lately. One of the most watched TED videos is the one by Brene Brown on vulnerability. She unpacks this idea of what vulnerability really is and creates a new paradigm for us to think about this topic.

If you haven’t watched the video, here it is. It’s worth 20 minutes of your time. It won’t be a wasted investment.

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A Christian View of Work: We Are God’s Co-Cultivators

One of the things that drives me crazy in companies I’ve worked for, companies I’ve consulted for, and even the build-out of my own company is when people refer to other people as resources. The intent may not be bad in using that word, but it does something to the way we view the people we work with or who work for us.

I’ve always tried to stay away from using the word “resource” and instead refer to people as “people”. People are not primarily a resource like bandwidth, or raw material, or some other tool we use daily to assist us in doing our job. People are people, designed by God, and equipped with a unique wiring, skills, experience, etc. to contribute to the value creation of our organizations.

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Your Plans: God’s Plans

What is God’s plan for my life? How do my choices or my plans fit into God’s plan for my life?

Those are a couple of questions all of us have asked at some point in our lives. There’s a lot out there about this topic, but I stumbled upon a sermon from Tim Keller about this topic and thought it was very insightful and worth the listen. Keller walks through Proverbs and gives great perspective on how our plans and God’s plans fit together and how we are to respond to these truths. It’s worth the investment of time to listen to the sermon and think through the practical implications for your life.

You can listen to the sermon from Keller here: Your Plans: God’s Plans

A Christian View of Work: We Worked Before We Sinned

I have to admit, most of the time I view my work, the job I do every day, as a necessary evil. It’s something I “have to do” to survive and provide in our world economy. It’s something I invest a lot of my waking hours doing and it often feels weighty and necessary. It’s just the way things are.

While work is something that is necessary, I’ve learned through reading Tim Keller’s book, Every Good Endeavor, that there are flaws in my thinking about work. Keller does a great job painting a picture of the Biblical view of work and how God designed work from the beginning. It’s challenging, yet refreshing at the same time, and has changed the way I view my work in general and specifically.

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A Christian View of Work: What’s It All About?

Work! That’s a word that brings with it a variety of different emotions and definitions.

Work is something all of us participate in daily and something that is part of the fabric of being human.

Work is something we are designed by God to do, yet it is also a place in our lives where we experience great frustration, discontentment, emptiness and challenge.

Work is a place where we long to make a difference and long to be part of creating something with sustainable value. Yes, it’s a paycheck, but there is something deep within us that longs to contribute towards accomplishing things.


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A New Vision for My Every Day Work

A few years ago I went through a dark season related to personal vision. I had just transitioned from a vocational ministry job, where I worked with a collegiate ministry, into the marketplace in a startup technology company. I worked with the collegiate ministry for six years and thought I would do that the rest of my life, but God had other plans.

I struggled with what Martin Luther referred to as the “sacred vs. the secular. To put it bluntly, I thought being a project manager in a technology company was of less value when compared to the work I did in vocational Christian ministry. I thought I was now on the “b-team” and really struggled with vision and how God worked within the marketplace.


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What if every business leader took this oath? The MBA Oath

I’m very interested in leadership. I’m very interested in the impact leadership has on people and organization (positive and negative). I believe leadership is a stewardship and we are all accountable when placed in a position where we have influence, large or small. I believe leadership is a difference maker and the crux of any sustainable organization.

That’s why I loved the MBA Oath when I came across it recently. It made me pause and think about what our organizations (profit or non-profit) would look like if all the leaders took this oath and lived out these values. It’s all about integrity and accountability, doing the right and wise thing as stewards of the organizations we are responsible for. What if?

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Two words that will change the way you do business (and make you more profitable)

A couple of years ago I read Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose. I initially read it because I was enamored with the rise of Zappos.com and the culture he created there. I wanted to hear the back story and see all the ingredients he brought together to build such a successful company. The book was really good, but there was one concept that stood out to me. The concept wasn’t new, but it did simplify what I was thinking down into a formula that’s easy to communicate.


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